Washable Rugs 101: The Most Practical Solution for Interior Design

What do you do when the rug in your living room has seen better days? If it’s an area rug, do you throw it out and buy a new one? Do you try to clean it with cleaning solutions? Or do you start looking at washable rugs as the most practical solution for interior design?

Washable Rugs

Washable rugs are a practical solution for busy households with pets or kids, offering you all of your home’s decor needs. Perfect for every room in your home, washable rugs are made to withstand foot traffic and still look as good as new years later. These works of art can fit nearly any space while also helping to define it, creating an important part of your interior design concept that blends seamlessly into your existing décor.

Washable rugs provide a unique opportunity to create something truly special and lasting, giving you many options when it comes to colour, size, material and style. They’re easy to clean when accidents happen (and they will) so you don’t have to worry about ruining them.

Things to Consider

Rugs aren’t just flooring—they’re home décor pieces that can do many things when it comes to pulling together a design concept. And, because rugs are a focal point in most rooms, they can be especially difficult to part with when it comes time to throw them in the wash. To make washing your rugs easier, look for those that are labelled machine-washable or at least hand-washable. Not all rugs are created equal when it comes to quality and care; as such, some fabrics will hold up better than others over time.

Best Places to Use Washable Rugs

It’s not just about practicality, washable rugs can bring a room together in terms of home styling and home decor. A soft rug in front of your sofa is cosy, kid-friendly, and it will help guests feel more at ease during their time in your home. A washable rug under a dining table can eliminate everyday wear and tear on flooring while adding some character to what could be a very ordinary space. And while there are certainly many exceptions to rule when it comes to interior design, we recommend going with large rugs, that are small enough to avoid being overwhelming but big enough so they can tie several elements together as part of your overall design concept.

Caring and Cleaning Washable Rugs

Washable rugs are designed to be washed regularly with mild soap and water. Depending on how much foot traffic or dirt/dust your area gets will determine how often you need to wash these rugs. Always follow the instructions regarding washing to ensure you take good care of your rug and let it last for years to come.

The Rugs Outlet

Washable rugs can help you with home styling and adding pops of colour to your design concept. There are a variety of styles available, depending on your tastes and budget. Choose washable rugs over hardwood flooring to prevent having to change your design concept in ten years. However, if you're looking for something low-maintenance, choose a high-quality style that is guaranteed to last without concern over where it will be placed in your home.

Shop our washable rugs collection now at The Rugs Outlet to colour boost your home with the most practical design solution. With many designs to choose from, you can incorporate these wonderful pieces of textiles into your summer home décor concept during these warmer months.

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