A turquoise rug is a great investment if you are looking to bring a statement colour into your home which will also produce a bold concept within your interior design. Whether you would like to transform your bedroom or living room, or you are looking to create some soothing yet vibrant feelings, a turquoise rug is your creative solution.

Many interior designers opt for introducing a turquoise rug to a space when their aim is to create some energy flow within the colour schemes present in the home. A turquoise rug is beautiful in the way that the colour actually derives from a paradoxical theme based on the colour’s energy frequency. This is because it is a vibrant colour which generates an up-beat tone and atmosphere, creating a captivating focal point, yet the use of a turquoise rug is also known to be calming and harmonises the space that it is placed in.

Turquoise Colour Psychology

When exploring the symbolism and psychology of the colour turquoise, it is associated with the following concepts:

  • Refreshing your mind as well as helping your body to feel energised
  • Calming and soothing your soul as well as uplifting your spirits
  • Producing a sophisticated and bold statement of colour scheme in the home
  • Establishing energy flow between the walls and floor when focusing on the purpose of Feng Shui elements and colour matching with other turquoise elements in the home such as a clock or wall art
  • Recognised as the colour that helps to develop wisdom, serenity, wholeness and creativity
  • Known as the power colour of emotional balance, good luck, freedom, empowerment, spiritual grounding, tranquillity and intuition
  • Connects us to our creative ideas and inspires us to be artistic in all areas of life
  • Seen as a symbol of femininity which is perfect for introducing to the home to combine with masculine colours to create a balance between both energies

A Turquoise Rug in Interior Design

The best way to bring out the bold, bright and rich essence of a turquoise rug is to combine it with black, white and silver home décor. At The Rugs Outlet, we believe in the power of artistically designed rugs that not only look stunning, but also provide the best comfort. To enhance the essence of something like the Lily 3D Shaggy Turquoise Rug an interior designer would introduce metallic silver elements as this helps to establish a modern touch and compliments the turquoise. Black and white stripes built into home décor, wall art or other interior elements are also a great way to create some contrast within your colour scheme, bringing a distinctive look to the home.


A turquoise rug is a bold statement, so always remember to choose your additional colours selectively and stay subtle when it comes to the bigger size furniture – neutral colours will help to maintain the bold effect of the turquoise rug. The use of any other bold colours in the space may possibly draw attention away from the turquoise rug and create a clash with too many over-powering colours. Therefore, keep the turquoise rug as the focal point in the space you are designing, and slowly introduce other elements that will work with it.

Create a Positive Atmosphere in Your Home

Turquoise is a lovely colour with many positive associations. The majority of those who work in creative industries will benefit from having a turquoise rug in their home, since this colour is known to stimulate creativity, ideas and inspiration – not just within your career but also within all areas of life. A turquoise rug could possibly be the answer to making your office space at home both stylish and comfortable.

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