There is something extremely unique about traditional rugs and how they bring a stunning essence of design to the home. Traditional rugs promise authentic detail throughout, sometimes having striking centre pieces that create a statement, as well as bold and rich in colour.

With a traditional look, you are able to establish a certain theme in your home that cannot be achieved when using any other style of rug. Yes, modern might be a favourite for many people, but if traditional rugs are for you, then keep reading…

Not only do traditional rugs express a captivating design that draws in your attention and generates conversations when others visit your home; traditional rugs are powerful in the way that they help to generate a flow of energy from one room to another. You can learn more about Feng Shui by checking out our recently published article featuring runner rugs.

Traditional Design Brings Character To Your Space

One of the most striking characteristics of traditional rugs is the colour combinations that run throughout the rug. Back many years ago, traditional rugs were often created with a different sense of colour coordination than we see today in modern designed rugs. They regularly used high contrast and bold colours that truly capture your attention. This was because the colours used in traditional rugs were dependent on the type of carpet dye that was available to source.

This idea of unusual colour combination is an interior designer’s best friend, as it enables them to step outside of the box by creating something original when working on a specific home décor design concept.

There are almost an endless amount of designs available in traditional rugs. Whether you are looking for floral, geometry or patchwork, we have a range to choose from at The Rugs Outlet.

Traditional Rugs Offer Versatility

You can add a traditional rug to almost any design of a space. Even if the room is carpeted, you can layer rugs to help to define the room and create some contrast between colour schemes. A traditional rug can also serve as noise control which can prevent echoes in larger spaces, especially on wooden flooring.

Traditional Rugs Help To Define Your Space

A traditional rug can help to define your space and be used to unify your décor into one smooth and consistent design concept. This is particularly true when unifying different colour schemes because if the colours in a room just do not seem to unite seamlessly, then a traditional rug can be the answer to bringing it all together and making the space look well dressed with a beautiful finish.

The Sicily Collection By The Rugs Outlet

Inspired by the biggest island of Italy, the Sicily Collection brings character and detail to your interior design concept, whatever the season. Where deep reds or bold navy meets luxurious cream, these rugs are every interior designer’s best friend. Here’s a glance at some traditional rugs created by in-house designers at The Rugs Outlet, from the Sicily Collection:

Traditional Sicily 0567 Beige Rug

The Sicily 0567 Beige Rug is one of the many traditional rugs that we have at The Rugs Outlet. It works well with other neutral colours and if you are looking to compliment your home décor, then it will certainly provide that. This beautiful design boasts a striking centre that draws in your attention, completed with a beige border.


Traditional Sicily 0569 Navy Blue Rug

The Sicily 0569 Navy Blue Rug showcases a powerfully captivating design where navy blue dominates the theme, helping to bring a professional and sophisticated look to your home. Easy to clean and stain resistant, this traditional rug is the perfect solution for both beauty and practicality.


Traditional Sicily 0567 Navy Blue Rug

With a bold navy blue circle that sits in the centre of the Sicily 0567 Navy Blue Rug, this is a great investment for the home when you would like to create a soft and smooth look within your interior design concept. Many renowned interior designers state that if you would like to create smooth finishes, then always introduce curves to the space.


Traditional Sicily 0514 Cream and Red Rug

With a 12mm pile height, the Sicily 0514 Cream and Red Rug promises so much more than just looking beautiful. Red is associated with physical energy, which works well when you are trying to establish the concept of Feng Shui. Red is known for creating energy flow in spaces and – paired with cream – this is one of our many popular traditional rugs that work well with other neutral home décor.


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