Bringing Shimmer and Shine to Your Home with a Silver Rug

With so much talk of using gold, bronze or copper to create luxury concepts in our homes, it’s easy to forget and overlook silver. Although silver is a neutral colour it certainly is an impactful colour to bring into your home, establishing elegance, sophistication and class – especially if you find that opting for gold or bronze is too overpowering for your taste.

So here we bring you some ways to incorporate silver rug designs into your living room space, to add shimmer and shine to your home for any season of the year.

Amp up a Neutral Home Décor with a Silver Rug

Being a cool colour, silver is the perfect way to instantly refresh as well as beautify a room. If you have fallen out of love with your current restrained neutral décor that reflects no emotion, then sprinkle some silver by introducing a silver rug into your living room to bring magic and life into it.

A silver rug will also amp up a traditional home interior design. Introduce one or two pieces of mirrored glass furniture or a glamourous wall mirror to compliment your silver rug, as well as to help catch the light and make the space appear bigger. Placing other silver ornaments to decorate your living room is also another great way to reflect light and colour coordinate with your silver rug.

Work your Silver Rug with White

There is no doubt that white is the ultimate colour to combine with silver when it comes to interior design. For a long time, silver and white have been a fresh and uplifting colour combination, and it especially injects a light and summer feel into the home. Bring in an off-white upholstered armchair, for example, or some fresh white and deep red blooms to compliment your silver rug as well as create an elegant transformation.


Bringing in a metal and glass clear console table as well as some white curtains will also help create a light and airy ambience to the overall room. A glass table will also take on the reflective quality of your silver rug as well as add glamour.

Pair Your Silver Rug with Accessories in One Bold Hue for Contrast

Silver is the glamorous big sister of grey – more lively, fun and playful, which can shake up any space with a charming beam. When thinking of your interior design concept, it is important to keep in mind not to over-do it with your colour palette – balance is always key when it comes to interior design. But silver does not mean you have to hold back on introducing bright vivid colours especially if you prefer a more feminine or exotic look for your home. Bring in one bold hue in your accessories such as throws, cushions, or small ornaments. By scattering a selection of sumptuous velvet cushions in either hot pink or a deep purple onto your sofa – it will create a striking contrast against your silver rug as well as a more feminine and eclectic home look, that will work for the summer too.

A Silver Rug Will Help Layer up Grey Shades in the Home

Using just one shade of grey in your living room space can make it flat, monotone and dull, so it is important to layer shades one after the other – a silver rug is one piece of décor that will do just that. Bring in other grey or silver accessories such silk and satin cushions and throws on a neutral coloured sofa, or other soft grey furnishings to add a variation of grey shades.

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