Finding the right runner rugs for your home can be a long process if you are looking to create a specific design concept throughout your home. Runner rugs have a longer length compared to their width – the runner rugs here at The Rugs Outlet for example, range from 60-80 cm in width and 150-230cm in length.

Most British homes have a corridor or hallway at the entrance of their home which is perfect for a runner rug to welcome guests into the space. These rugs are great for creating a cosy space but there can be other perspectives to consider when choosing a runner rug. 

Understanding The Concept of Feng Shui

There are some great ways to incorporate an interior design philosophy such as Feng Shui into home décor pieces such as runner rugs. So, why are runner rugs often mentioned in Feng Shui? The main reason for this is because runner rugs have been known to be a great way to generate energy flow through the home.

Feng Shui is an ancient practice, which claims to use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. Though little is known about the origins of Feng Shui, there is evidence that the Chinese have been designing their homes and towns using its principles for over four thousand years. This practice has become popular in recent years and is used a lot in interior design to help work with certain pieces in order to create a seamless flow of energy throughout the home.

Feng Shui is all about energy and what frequencies of energy certain home décor pieces can bring into a space. We see the importance of deciding on size, colour and design – we have therefore come up with some tips that will help you add the best runner rugs to your home through valuing the concept of Feng Shui.

Placement of Runner Rugs

Considering the runner rugs placement in your space is key to Feng Shui and can have a huge contribution to the flow of energy in your home. When the front door opens directly into an entry space, a runner rug can help to define the space and create the sense of a gateway or portal, into your home. Runner rugs can induce a sense of cosiness and – depending what style you choose – add a part of your own character into that flow of energy.

Colours and Shades of Runner Rugs

Colours of runner rugs are a very important factor in Feng Shui. In this ancient concept, the mouth of chiis the point at which positive energy enters your home. Welcoming in positive chi can be achieved by choosing a particular colours scheme so be sure to look further into the concept of colour psychology.

Runner rugs are often associated with positive chi through the use of vibrant shades such as reds and oranges due to these colours representing the Feng Shui Fire Element. This element is linked to these colours and is used to invite prosperity, wellness, and good luck to your space.

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