Rugs for Living Room: Exploring a Range of Designs

In every area of interior design, many are increasingly seeking not only practicality but high style, and so are taking on every opportunity to bring in distinctive beautiful items into their homes – bringing in the right rugs for living room interiors is no exception to this. In this blog we explore a range of rug designs: The Marble Rug, The Geometric Rug, and The Abstract Rug. Exploring their origins, what each rug design represents and just how they can be applied in your living room interior; helping you to make the right choice for your home.

Marble Rugs for Living Room

There are very few rug designs that can evoke a feeling of luxury in home interior design the way that a marble rug can. Elegant, sophisticated and effortlessly beautiful are just some words to describe the marble design. Marble is commonly used in kitchen and bathroom designs however it can be incorporated into every living space in the home.  Derived from the Greek word ‘marmaros’, the word marble means ‘a snow white and spotless stone’.

This stunning design has enjoyed the spotlight for a long time now with its use in architecture, art and design – going far back to thousands of years ago in early Egyptian and Mesopotamian cultures. Today, the use of the marble stone/design is used in everything from architecture, home interiors, furniture, art, homeware and even clothing.  Conjuring ideas of high-end living and wealth, marble certainly speaks to refined taste.

Given all this, choosing marble rugs for living room is a choice that may depend on your lifestyle and taste as well as the current home décor you have in place, but marble is versatile to work with almost any modern interior design. A marble rug will work perfectly well with neutral, minimalist designs as well as busier more decorative looks. However, as a marble rug has such a striking pattern that demands attention, it is important to create balance in your home interior design – one way to do this would be by using masses of white in other areas of your home décor. Keeping things tonal or picking out colours from the rug design will also create balance. Shimmers of gold and white for example make a beautiful combination.

Geometric Rugs for Living Room

The geometric rug design will always remain one of the most sought-after rug designs for home interior because these patterns, prints and shapes are so versatile and allow for the creation of a range of home looks that can accommodate a range of tastes. This pattern brings us to the 20th century and focuses on the beauty of combining shapes, lines and curves together for creative results – usually a structural, colourful and stylish statement. Choosing geometric rugs for living room allows for an easy way to add pattern to your interior without having to make drastic changes to your living room interior design.

Go for one with a neutral hue to compliment a more stylish contemporary interior design and to ensure it doesn’t disturb its existing colour scheme. A neutral coloured geometric rug may also help define space in an open plan living room without any worry about a clash of styles this is because black, white and grey adds class, regardless of how bold a pattern is. But for those who are after some colour, rugs that feature a modern contemporary pattern with bright and bold colours make an immediate impact. If opting for this home look, keeping the rest of the interior as neutral as possible is best, so that the interior does not feel cluttered. Circles, colourful triangles, and hexagonal patterns are all options you can experiment with to create a bold living room look.

Abstract Rugs for Living Room

Choosing abstract rugs for living room will allow you to breathe new life into your home interior design.  Since the early 20th century abstract art has been a focal point in modern day art, conveying a distinct moral dimension; representing qualities such as purity, effortlessness, direction and spirituality.

One reason to choose an abstract rug is because of how easily it can be combined with contemporary modern home interiors. When decorating their home, many people opt for neutral-coloured furnishings and walls, however when these are combined in a room it can leave it looking as if it needs colour. A plain or bold coloured rug may be too overwhelming to fix this situation and so this is where an abstract rug may come in – with many of its designs blending creams and greys with soft colours, providing a mild hint of colour. With no clear-cut pattern, the eye will be attracted solely by the colour of the rug, and so choosing the right abstract rug will mean the rug will work in harmony not only within its own entity, but also in the most elegant of interior schemes.

The ideal abstract rug will balance your entire living room and integrate well with all your other furnishings. A larger living room space will compliment bolder larger patterns, whilst a smaller living room will look better with a more toned-down design. Nonetheless, the unification of colours, shapes and patterns that an abstract rug brings in will surely be a highlight in your living room décor.  

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