If you haven't considered investing in outdoor rugs before, there are certainly some benefits that the exteriors of your home could be missing out on. The main benefit being that they come in a range of colours and patterns which can bring some character and personality to the space, whilst also complimenting the plants and flowers in your garden.

However, outdoor rugs do a lot more than just look good. Just as the world renowned artist Claude Monet once said, My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece,” using outdoor rugs can be a powerful feature that contribute to creating an environment that offers both beauty and functionality.  If you are still undecided on whether an outdoor rug is right for your outdoor space, here’s 4 fabulous reasons why buying outdoor rugs can be a great investment:

1. Outdoor Rugs Pull Together Your Exterior Furnishing

Just like the inside of your home benefits from introducing rugs into your chosen design concepts, an outdoor rug can help to seamlessly bring your outdoor furniture together too. Depending on what the style of your other outdoor décor pieces are, you can use outdoor rugs to heighten and elevate the look of your garden.

Whether youre looking to create a sanctuary for the summer, or looking to create some comfort for those less warm months, outdoor rugs promise to be the finishing touch to help achieve that stylish and effortless theme into your space.

2. Outdoor Rugs Are Very Practical

If you have younger children, using outdoor rugs can help to keep your garden a safe area for your children to play in. Fibres such as polypropylene and other hard-wearing materials that are found in rugs designed to be used outdoors create an ideal buffer for high-traffic areas. Whether you are having a picnic in the garden or would like to build a space specifically for your children to play in, outdoors rugs are both a stylish and practical solution.

3. Outdoor Rugs Protect Your Floors

Stone, rubber tiles and concrete floor materials can easily be chipped and damaged with standard use. Wooden deck flooring especially, can easily get scratches and marks with heavy foot traffic over time. By strategically placing outdoor rugs in these areas, you can preserve the flooring and ensure that your outdoor flooring investment lasts a lot longer.

4. Outdoor Rugs Enhance The Natural World

Not only do outdoor rugs bring some beautiful colour to the exterior space of your home, outdoor rugs also bring out the bold and rich colours of flowers, trees and plants. They enhance greenery as well as wooden home décor, bringing a statement to the space through combining a range of texture.

Always remember that a garden is not always about the way something looks, but it is also about how the space feels. Just like interior design, exterior design is also about how something feels and how it reflects your personality. This factor can be introduced by using range of texture to add comfortability and character to the space.

The Richmond Collection

At The Rugs Outlet, it is our mission to offer the most artistically crafted rugs to all walks of life that bring both authenticity and functionality to interior and exterior design concepts. Here’s some popular picks from our Richmond Outdoor Rugs Collection:

Richmond 825 Outdoor Natural Rug

Compliment the greenery in your garden with the Richmond 825 Outdoor Natural Rug, bringing a geometric style to the exterior of your home.


Richmond 292 Outdoor Beige Rug

Bring a traditional touch to your garden with the Richmond 292 Outdoor Beige Rug that boasts beautiful detail which captures your attention from all angles.


Richmond 029 Outdoor Beige Rug

Where beige meets a touch of black and brown, the Richmond 029 Outdoor Beige Rug is the perfect choice if you want to create a bold statement.


The Rugs Outlet

We visualize a colourful, artistic and creative future where people have transformed their homes into the place they loved most, thanks to unique outdoor rug designs that you cannot find anywhere else.

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