The colour navy never disappoints – investing in a navy rug for your home is the simplest way to transform your space into the concept of elegance and sophistication. When you would like to compliment your favourite navy rug from The Rugs Outlet by bringing out the rich colour and essence, white home décor, a touch of metallic themes or a statement mustard colour are perfect additions. Through the use of white, gold and mustard, you are able to establish an uplifting environment within your home, without going too overboard.

Whether you’re looking for a navy rug with a detailed design or want to go bolder with something like the Puffy Super Soft Shaggy Navy Rug there are many interior design concepts to consider for creating a desired look in your home.

Create Contrast: Navy Rug With White Home Décor

White is one of the most versatile colours on the colour wheel, representing new beginnings, freshness, purity and innocence. For the winter months, white tones can really bring out the festive mood within your home. Here are 3 ways to incorporate white décor into your home where a navy rug has become the focal point:

1. Colour Blocking

Colour blocking is a technique that can be used if you have bolder pieces within your living space already. Colour blocking is all about bringing two or more bold colours together – such as pairing white home décor with a navy rug. This can easily be achieved because the colour navy contrasts well with white. 

2. White Monotone

Monotone style is for those seeking a complete revamp of their space and creating one clear colour palette for the room. While monotone interior styling has a strict focus on a single colour with little variation, it can be beneficial to include a navy rug that will balance out colour energy and create a little contrast.

3. Modern Aesthetic Designs

White home décor is known as the transformative colour in interior design since it can dramatically change the aesthetics of a room. However, out of the many interior design concepts of white, it is mostly used to bring a modern touch of freshness to any space. In its purest form, white is used for modernism which reflects a fuss-free approach to life. This type of energy is truly enhanced when introducing a deep rich colour, such as a navy rug.

Create Luxury: Navy Rug Complimented By Metallic Touches

There is great power born from using metallic gold within interior design. One of the best ways to truly bring out the colour of your navy rug is to introduce metallic themes such as gold. While you can also choose silver home decor, gold is known to create a deeper connection to a navy rug since both colours pair so well together, creating a hint of contrast as well as a professional and luxury feel to your home.

Create A Statement: Navy Rug With Mustard Yellow Shades

For those who are seeking to create a less of a minimalist look and more of a bold statement, a navy rug gives you permission to work well with shades such as mustard yellow. Why does a navy rug pair effortlessly with the colour mustard yellow? Well, these two colours are known as complementary colours, due to them being diametrically opposite each other on the colour circle.

Searching for a navy rug that will bring some personality and character to your home? Visit The Rugs Outlet to browse our huge collection of in-house designed rugs. Here’s our 5 most popular navy rugs:

  1. Santorini Vintage Flora Navy Rug
  2. Paris 1950 Grey and Navy Rug
  3. Ritz 2397 Gold and Navy Rug
  4. Ritz 2388 Gold and Navy Rug
  5. Mayfair 8654 Grey and Navy Rug

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