There are many reasons why interior designers opt for a navy blue rug when transforming homes – this is because there is so much history related this particular colour which makes it a traditional choice. The colour navy blue has a long history with its roots going back to 1748 when the British Royal Navy officers wore uniforms of this colour. It was not long before these navy uniforms caught attention worldwide, becoming so popular that this colour was eventually adopted by other navies around the world. Whilst (due its roots) the colour navy can easily be associated with the military, navy blue has many other connotations – it is also associated with tradition, class, sophistication and elegance – a look that many aspire for their home interior.

Navy Blue Colour Psychology

The colour Navy Blue belongs to the family of blues and represents trust, stability, and confidence making it a very safe colour to choose for your home. Depending on the hue, it can also evoke a sinister and seductive feel to it too, making this an interesting colour choice for many. But many opt for this colour because they are after a traditional and serious feel - this is also a popular choice of colour for professionals and those who may hold conservative views. It is a colour that certainly evokes a feeling of respect, authority, rules, order, and hierarchy.

So, here are five top reasons why you should consider purchasing a navy blue rug to add to your home interior – not only to match your home furnishings, but because this classic and rich colour represents so much more than meets the eye, and arguably out of all the colours, has the potential to leave the most lasting impression in your home. This colour – when applied in the correct way and balanced with the right tones – can truly turn a space into something that is amazing.

1. A Navy Blue Rug Is A Timeless Colour

Navy is a timeless colour - therefore a navy blue rug would be in an investment that will never go out of style. It is a classic colour and unlike other colour trends that come and go will always remain chic and stylish. A navy blue rug also pairs very well with furniture from any era – whether that be vintage pieces or more contemporary styles.

2. A Navy Blue Rug Goes Well With Everything

A navy blue rug goes well with many interior colours in the home. Mixing and matching with navy cannot be simpler. Whilst navy blue is considered to be base tone, you don’t ever need to worry about your living space lacking dimension as this colour gives plenty of design versatility. Match your navy blue rug with home furnishings of mustard yellow, pine and army green, deep pinks or fuchsia, purple and magenta colours to create something more modern and livelier. Or match it with white, black, or grey for a richer classier home look and feel.

3. A Navy Blue Rug Promises Beauty In All Seasons

A Navy blue rug can also be mixed and matched with other blue hues depending on the season, especially if you’re worried about your home looking too dark and glum in the winter season. Introducing cobalt blue to your home for the winter for example, and introducing pale duck egg furnishings for the summer is a great way mix things up. With a navy blue rug you’re able to experiment with seasonal wallpapers, fabrics and other furnishings and play around to create the perfect atmosphere whether its spring, autumn, summer or winter.

4. A Navy Blue Rug Creates Luxurious Concepts

A navy blue rug will help your home look 100% more sophisticated and expensive, especially when combined with luxurious home furnishings, soft velvet fabrics and silks. Adding gold, rose gold or silver to the home will also compliment the rug and create a luxurious and expensive feel. Adding mirrors and reflective surface to bounce light around the room is also a great way to create a luxury feel as well brightening up the space.

5. A Navy Blue Rug Compliments The Natural World

If you love keeping indoor plants in your home, out of all the colours, navy blue is the ultimate colour to highlight the beauty of your plants. Compliment your navy blue rug with some ferns or palms in your living room space to truly bring your plants to life and add a beautiful finish to your home interior.

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