Bringing Your Interior Space to Life with Multi Coloured Rugs

When it comes to choosing a rug for your interior design concept, the first thing that usually comes to mind is what colour to opt for – keeping in mind the theme of colour that is already in place. This is because the first thing that attracts the eye is colour. Neutral coloured rugs are a safe a choice, always on trend and hard to go wrong with, but if your interior space is in need of something much livelier and bolder, then multi coloured rugs are the perfect choice for injecting personality and style into a room.

Vibrant, bright and visually appealing, multi coloured rugs can make a room look revolutionary in style, but when it comes to interior design, it is important to get the balance right to ensure your home look remains chic and stylish rather than overdone and overpowering. Many may shy away from opting for multi coloured rugs for their home as they can be intimidating to design around, so here we’ll look at some ways in which multi coloured rugs can be integrated into your home without you compromising on style.

Decorating Your Home with Multi Coloured Rugs

Multi coloured rugs beautifully offset a white or neutral space, this is by far the best combination if your aim is to keep your home stylish and minimalist but would still like a pop of colour to keep the room alive. Keep the largest pieces of furniture for example such as the sofa neutral, opting for a neutral hue like charcoal, espresso or white. Placing a multi coloured rug next to a neutral coloured sofa will give the eye a place to rest, this is important when you have a bold, colourful rug on the ground which already demands attention on its own. Additionally, having a multi coloured rug with a neutral coloured sofa means you are always flexible to change the rug later should you wish for a change of style.

Another way to beautifully integrate your multi coloured rug into your living space is to match one colour from the rug to accessories in the room. Pull a colour from the rug’s pattern and add in a few small accessories that match in colour – these could be as simple as cushions and throws, or small ornaments.  

But multi coloured rugs do not just work with neutral spaces, they can very much complement more eclectic home décor too. For example a super saturated multi coloured rug can easily also compliment a rich wall colour. It may be the safest option to opt for a white wall, but a rich hue deserves an equally rich wall colour; colours such as a warm deep grey or bitter chocolate brown can help a multi coloured rug blend into your home beautifully.

Multi coloured rugs are a wonderful way to fill your space with a joyful and playful spirit; to add to this joyful and playful spirit bring in fun accessories such as artwork and flowers (floral displays are a great way to bring in colour too), but again with so much going on ensure other pieces in the room are neutral to give the eye a place to rest.

Multi coloured rugs are too beautiful to be hidden away beneath furniture. Keep a multi coloured rug in full display by swapping a bulky wood coffee table for a clear table made from glass or acrylic- allowing you and others to fully appreciate its gorgeous shades and patterns.

Multi coloured rugs do not need to be placed just in your living room or bedroom. They can also very much be placed in staircases or other connecting spaces like hallways. These are wonderful places to place a multi coloured rug because we move through them quickly and so are less likely to get bored of its design over time.

Designs to Opt For

Whether you are after an intricate design, bold or blocky or a more toned down design, there is plenty of choice when it comes to multi coloured rugs. Colourful stripes for example can open up a room by creating an illusion of spaciousness. Abstract multi coloured rugs offer a beautiful mix of strokes of different colours. Hugely popular, these beautiful rugs are add a striking pop of art to plain floors or large spaces. Geometric designs focus on the beauty of combining shapes, lines and curves together for creative results – opt for this design to really create a focal point to your living room space.

Colour Psychology

Colour not only gives life to a room, but it can affect our mood and perception. Many want to add more colours to their homes but may either find it intimidating or are afraid of the commitments, so therefore opt for neutral colours such as grey, white or black. But according to science the combination of different colours can have a soothing effect on the brain. There is a reason, for example, why people are fascinated with rainbows- with its beautiful combination of colours it evokes feelings of happiness and relieves us of anxiety and gives us a boost. The same effect could be attained with a multi coloured rug in the home; evoking feelings of happiness, positivity, joy and creativity.

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