5 Modern Living Room Rugs That Will Transform Your Home

Modern living room rugs come in many different colours and patterns, so making the decision about your investment can often be tricky since there is so much to choose from. The best way to decide on which modern living room rugs will be suitable for your home is to first think about the colour scheme and what home décor theme you would like to achieve.

Let’s go on a journey to explore the designs of 5 modern living room rugs that will transform your home. At The Rugs Outlet, we offer all these designs in a range of colours and styles – check out our collection of rugs to see which one you love most.

Modern Living Room Rugs: Abstract Design

Abstract design never goes out of fashion – it’s a style that offers statement and focal points to the living room. If you’re looking to add character and personality to the home, the best part about investing in an abstract rug is that it offers a range of colours that merge together, creating a bright and colourful essence within the living room.

However if that is not your thing, many abstract rug designs also come in more toned down hues such as creams and greys, providing gentler touch of colour. Check out our Savoy 352 Collection Abstract Blue Rug which combines a wonderfully soothing blend of grey, ivory, blue, black and beige colours.

Modern Living Room Rugs: Geometric Pattern

Geometric patterns have a long and rich history but still remain a modern choice for today’s interior design concept. Geometry is the science of shape and with this type of pattern in your modern living room rugs, you are able to create the feelings of rhythm and organisation. Our Paris 1950 Grey and Gold Rug is a great example of a geometric rug that will bring a burst of energy into your home.

modern living room rugs

Modern Living Room Rugs: Marble Effect

Marble effect design offers such a striking element to your home décor theme. The beauty of the vein design that runs through these modern living room rugs is one that is rather striking and captures your attention. Our 2399 Silver and Black Rug Marble Rug is the perfect luxury statement for your home that is sure to gather attention from your guests.

modern living room rugs

Modern Living Room Rugs: Medallion Style

Medallion styled rugs do work well in both modern and traditional settings. If you’re looking for modern living room rugs and sway more towards the likes of medallion design, then you can use the detail of the rug with its powerful centre piece to create a statement. Combine with neutral home décor for a more subtle and soothing feeling in your home, and let the medallion rug be the piece that starts a conversation. One of our classics – the Santorini Beige Vintage Medallion Rug invites tradition and style to your home that will always make an impression no matter where placed in the home.

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Modern Living Room Rugs: Floral Design

If you’re looking for floral design then know that you are making a great decision that will always remain timeless. Floral design works extremely well when you introduce other floral elements such as faux flowers or plants. This creates a beautiful connection to the concept of the natural world. Another one of our classics, if you have not done so already, check out our hugely popular Santorini Navy Vintage Flora Rug to bring a striking statement into the home with its rich vivid colour, as well as a classic traditional feel.

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