3 Ways to Make the Most of a Modern Green Rug in Your Home

A modern green rug comes in many different designs, from abstract pattern to shaggy style. Not everyone opts for a modern green rug for the home as you have to be daring to use this particular colour in your interior design concept. However, if you do opt for a green colour scheme, here are 3 ways to make the most of it:

1. Create a Spring Home Décor Concept with a Modern Green Rug

Many people opt for spring home décor concepts all-year-round as this is a beautiful theme powered by the beauty of green, including the use of textiles such as colour matching a modern green rug with cushions and throws. Spring connects us to a sense of new beginnings and symbolises fresh starts and the concept of renewal. You can enhance your modern green rug in your home by adding wood tones and crisp white home décor to create a spring season theme.

During the spring season, flowers, plants and trees begin to awaken and it becomes a time of rebirth for both humans and animals, being a special part of the year that helps us to start new things in life, whether that’s to do with health, relationships, lifestyle or career.

We all call it ‘spring cleaning’, so rather than just de-cluttering the home during this season and starting a new and clean chapter – why not invest in a modern green rug to spruce up the design of your flooring and interior theme.

2. Establish a Focal Point with a Modern Green Rug

Establishing a focal point is all about making your modern green rug, the centre of attention. This means that you can opt for a more neutral concept with other pieces so that your modern green rug stands out from everything else, without drawing any attention away from it. Introduce too many bright and bold colours and you may create a clash, stopping your modern green rug from being the captivating statement that it should be.

3. Enhance the Natural World with a Modern Green Rug

Green is associated with Mother Nature and certainly is the colour that mostly connects us to the natural beauty of the world. Whether you opt for forest green, lime green or even olive green, know that green will bring out the richness of indoor plants and flowers, reflecting their undeniable attractiveness.

If faux flowers are your thing all-year-round, be sure to visit Homes Outlet for a range of home décor, where you can add some extra special elements to your home to compliment your modern green rug.

Green Colour Psychology: The Heart Chakra

Your home is a reflection of your own personality, thus, it’s important to do research into the psychology of colour, understanding what each colour symbolises and represents. Every colour holds its own frequency, so doing research before choosing the colour of your rug can be very beneficial. It all depends on the type of atmosphere that you are trying to create in your home.

Green is a beautiful colour that comes in many different shades. The chakra system is represented by a range of colours; green being the heart chakra which is the portal that meets between heaven and earth. When you opt for the colour green in your interior design concept, you are also setting positive intentions to always live from the heart and navigate life through heart-centred energy.

Why Choose a Modern Green Rug?

At The Rugs Outlet, we have a range of modern green rug designs to power up your interior design concept and these are perfect for all lifestyles. All rugs – whatever colour, style or design you choose – bring both warmth and comfort to your home, as well as protecting flooring.

One of the reasons why many choose a modern green rug is because this particular colour, style and design enables you to have high foot traffic in your home, without the worry of changes happening to the look of your rug. A modern green rug is an investment that will last for years to come, with this particular colour being on the darker end of the spectrum.

The Rugs Outlet

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