Using a Marble Rug to Pull Your Home Décor Together

A marble rug is a great addition to any room because of its beautiful colours and unique texture. Marble rug designs offer striking effects for the home, with a design that is inspired by nature, making it unique for your interior design concept. Here are some tips on how to use a marble rug to pull your home decor together and create a marble effect look.

Choosing Your Marble Rug

Marbling is an intricate and time-consuming process, so marble rug designs might be expensive, but they'll also last for years if properly cared for. To find an affordable marble rug with a high-quality design and feel, look for brands like The Rugs Outlet. Marble rug designs don't need to cover your entire room—just choose one in a relatively neutral colour (grey, beige or taupe) that compliments your current home decor.

This way you can use it as a backdrop for other items in your interior design scheme. Perhaps your living room could use some small tables and chairs? Place these on top of your new marble rug and watch how it acts as visual support to all the colours in your space. Maybe a pop of red or yellow would do well in your dining room? If so, place it next to your marble carpet and let them both enhance each other's aesthetic appeal. In fact, there are no limits when choosing home decor pieces to go with a marble rug. Let your imagination run wild.

Combine with Complementary Patterns

When styling your home, it’s tempting to just plop down furniture in whatever arrangement is convenient. But without taking your whole space into account, you may end up with some strange mismatches—like a massive black marble coffee table with little round wooden stools next to it. When using marble as an accent piece in your decor, make sure that your other furniture and marble rug coordinate with it as well. You might have even started an interior design trend of your own.

Coordinate Your Furniture

When you’re planning out your decor, make sure you consider every area of your home. You might have an idea for how to use marble in one area, but what about all of your other furniture and decor? For example, let’s say you have a marble slab that you’re going to use as a table top. Consider pairing it with some other pieces made from materials like wood or metal and a marble rug design. It’ll help your design flow better—plus it’ll give each piece an identity on its own without overwhelming any one element.

Complete with Marble Homeware Accessories

If you have some matching accessories, throw them in. If not, think about using other neutral colours with similar patterns—if they’re not competing or jarring against each other. In fact, mixing patterns and textures is an excellent way to give your home decor more depth and make it look more expensive than it actually is. If you need more ideas for where to buy marble accessories for your living room rug, check out places like Homes Outlet to invest in some ornaments available at outlet prices.

Finishing Touches

Now that you have all of your marble products purchased and ready, it’s time to put everything together. These last few steps should be fairly easy as you are probably already familiar with how these final touches work in relation to each other. There is no need for any expensive tools or new skills. Let’s get started on learning how these home decor pieces should be set up together in one room. The first thing we want to look at is flooring, then wall colours and furniture placement, followed by accessories like your marble rug design and some lamps. Lastly, we can tie it all together with some colour combinations that will create amazing interior designs based off the marble effect products.

Marble Rug Designs at The Rugs Outlet

If you’re searching for marble effect rugs, then look no further than The Rugs Outlet. From navy and gold designs to black and silver, we have a range of marble rug designs for you to bring a captivating concept to your interior design.

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