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Handmade rugs are a beautiful addition to add to your home, if you’re looking to bring character and personality to any space. While handmade rugs tend to be more expensive than rugs made from other material, they are certainly a great investment that last for years to come.

Currently, The Rugs Outlet are offering 30% off all handmade rugs, but this promotion will only last for a limited time only. Simply select the handmade rugs collection on our website, browse your favourite colours, patterns, sizes and designs, then use code ‘HAND30’ at the checkout to receive 30% off! You can explore over 500 different handmade rugs and know that you are investing in a piece of home décor that will bring its very own character and personality to your interior design concept.

Handmade Rugs Powered By Bold Colours

Most handmade rugs reflect bright and bold colours where many shades on the colour wheel merge together with authentic design. If you are searching for a rich essence to bring to your interior design concept, handmade rugs are certainly the best option. The best part about handmade rugs is that they are versatile to work with, so whether you would like to pair one with traditional, vintage, antique or even statement home décor, then the options are endless.

Handmade Rugs Offer Detailed Design

There is something truly unique about the effort that is putting into producing handmade rugs. Each design is authentic in itself, offering fine detail which truly draws in your attention when entering a room in your home. The combination of bold colours and detailed design is what sets handmade rugs apart from the rest.

Handmade Rugs Have a Story to Tell

Handmade rugs have been on very long journeys through history and culture, to get to what they are today. Each piece of textile has its own story to tell and there is nothing more authentic than bringing this concept into your interior design, as it creates a wonderful talking point.

Statement of Minimalist: Either Works

If you’re a minimalist wanted to add a little colour to your space, or you’re a statement kind of person who likes captivating themes, then handmade rugs work with either preference. You don’t have to worry about filling your rooms with lots of detailed design and other pieces of home décor when you have handmade rugs to pair with a few other items.


Handmade rugs do an incredible job of complimenting other home décor. Whether you colour match with cushions or wall art, or add in some metallic elements, handmade rugs are the perfect way to pull together your colour scheme and design concept with a luxurious feel to the space.

Adding Texture

Handmade rugs are made of wool, which means they are great at stopping a room from feeling one-dimensional. Instead, they add texture to the space and invite the feeling of touch. Texture is one of the seven elements of interior design and plays a huge role in the subject of Feng Shui – you can check out our blog to read other articles that engage and inform on these particular topics.

The Rugs Outlet

Enjoy 30% off all handmade rugs when you use the code ‘HAND30’ at the checkout! This promotion is a great opportunity to invest in your favourite handmade rugs so that you can transform your home during this spring season. 30% off will only be for a limited time only, so whether you would like to shop now for your own home or decide to gift one of these stunning rugs to a family member or a friend, visit our handmade rugs collection

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