5 Home Décor Colours That Go Best With a Grey Shaggy Rug

A grey shaggy rug is an easy way to add some neutrality to your living room or bedroom since it pulls together almost every colour scheme and creates the concept of balance. Many people struggle with deciding what colours look best with their grey shaggy rug, since this neutral tone goes with so many. So, here are 5 home décor colours that go well with your grey shaggy rug. These combinations of design and style have the power to help you transform your home into a dream space.

Cream Home Decor

Cream home decor works well with a grey shaggy rug as this can contribute towards creating a neutral design concept that is born from contemporary style with a minimalistic feel.

Although many people associate cream with formal spaces, it’s also an easy-to-use shade that works well in casual environments.

Choosing a grey shaggy rug doesn’t have to be a stressful journey when you know you’ll pair it with cream home décor. These two colours work so well together and harmonize your atmosphere with a modern look that feels soft and soothing.

Gold Home Décor

For a sleek, contemporary vibe, opt for gold home décor. Gold home decor works well with a grey shaggy rug if you’re looking to create a contemporary design that is powered by a luxury touch. Don’t be afraid to go bold—gold is one of those colour schemes that you can easily pair with just about anything – especially a grey shaggy rug.

If you want to go really bold to compliment your grey shaggy rug, paint your walls gold and watch the depth of warmth meet your neutral colour scheme to create a beautiful balance.

Green Home Décor

People often say that white and brown are safe bets when it comes to investing in shaggy rugs, but grey is by far the most sophisticated choice. If you want to add a touch of spring themes to compliment your grey shaggy rug, go for green home décor.

Gorgeous green home decor works well with a grey shaggy rug to create a spring design concept that feels connected to the natural world. Whether you choose the earthy sense of olive green or want to go for a deeper and dark look with forest green, there are so many ways to introduce this colour, including the use of cushions and throws.

Purple Home Décor

Adding purple home décor to your living room creates a calming space and can help to create some contrast with your grey shaggy rug without being to overpowering.

Because purple is such a bold colour, it works well as an accent or secondary colour, paired with blues and greens. This colour scheme can add a luxury feeling to your home décor and make the atmosphere feel extra special.

Black Home Décor

Black is one of those colours that can easily look dated and dreary in a home, but that’s only if you overuse it. However, a touch of black is enough to bring a clean and simplistic look to your design concept. Black home décor works well with a grey shaggy rug because they have a similar frequency, with them both being part of the neutral family.

You can also combine black decor pieces with other tones, such as wood or glass, to create different textures within the space. You'll be able to generate a dramatic design where it feels balanced and statement-like without feeling too heavy.

By combining black home decor with a grey shaggy rug, you can add some much-needed style to your home, but always consider the use of black depending on the size of the space. Black tends to make spaces appear cosier and smaller, whereas lighter colours help the room to appear bigger and lighter. If black home décor is your thing and you do what to pair it with a grey shaggy rug, consider adding indoor plants and flowers, or silver accents to help balance out any darkness created by darker hues of black. This will help the space to feel fresh and allow some light to bounce back into the room, with silver accents adding a shimmering and shiny effect.

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