Grey rugs are mostly used in order to create a sense of balance within an interior design concept. Through introducing grey rugs to your theme, you are able to enhance bright and bold colour schemes that are reflected through your other home décor such as furniture and wall art. We captured the Shaggy 5cm Plain Grey Rug with some natural stone décor, metallic gold accents and feminine pink furniture.

Create Some Texture

Never underestimate the beauty of introducing a marble side table to your interior design concept – especially when using grey rugs. Not everyone can afford huge marble features in their home, but that doesn’t mean you have to eliminate this luxury from the equation. You can invest in a smaller piece of marble that has been crafted into a side table and combine it with the neutrality of grey rugs to bring out the rich and artistic essence of Mother Nature.

Bounce Light Back Into The Room

While grey rugs are great for creating balance and stopping spaces from being too busy, too much grey in one space and slow down the flow of energy. To maintain a steady flow of colour frequencies and keep the space feeling bright, you can introduce metallic gold detail within your home décor. Metallic gold is a beautiful material known to creating feelings of warmth as is bouncing light back into the room.

Balance Out The Masculinity of Grey

Since grey rugs are on the frequency of masculinity, you can use statement feminine colours such as pink furniture to create a balance between these two polarities. Having a balance between yin and yang is the perfect way to create a harmonious environment for both men and women.

Why Use Grey Rugs?

When choosing a rug, the colour is possibly the largest factor of the decision making – choosing the right colour is paramount to establishing the right colour psychology since every colour emits its own frequency. While some people see grey rugs as simple, this neutral colour which meets in the middle of black and white allows you to be super creative in other areas of you design concept. Here are three great reasons for using grey rugs in your interior design:

1. Create a Canvas for Your Other Pieces

A grey coloured rug can be a great way to combine the existing pieces of furniture in your home. Grey is a cool-toned colour that can be used as a canvas to bring out other statement pieces in your space. Whether you are looking to add some cosy feels to your home or a hint of sophistication, grey rugs can appeal to both needs.

2. Utilise Luxury for Less

If you are on a budget and still want to make your space look luxury for less, grey rugs are the best investment since they contribute well to creating a modern touch and enable you to work with a variety of other colours and materials. Having the option to be diverse in your choice of décor thanks to combining with the simplicity of grey rugs means that you can find the look, style and design in many homeware stores and across a range of websites. You can get creative and shop around with ease.

3. Great for Busy Households

Grey being on the darker side of the colour wheel makes it much is easier to maintain and clean. If you have pets or young children this colour is, keeping your space looking good and clean can be very difficult. However, darker coloured rugs have been known to be easier to clean and maintain as stains are easier to remove or cover up.

A Glance At Our Most Popular Grey Rugs

You don’t always have to choose a plain grey rug – we have a range of unique designs available in grey rugs at The Rugs Outlet. Here’s a glance at our most popular picks.

Luxi 8432 Grey Rug

Just like one of our customers said in their review, “Luxi is definitely luxurious and this rug is exactly what I hoped for,” the Luxi 8432 Grey Rug brings is very own authentic essence to your home.


Elexus Ruby 03061 Grey Rug

When you would like to introduce some statement character to your home, the Elexus Ruby 03061 Grey Rug dominates grey throughout with a bold black border that has a touch of geometric lines with the sides meeting the captivating corners of the rug.


Lily 3D Shaggy Grey Rug

The Lily 3D Shaggy Grey Rug is the perfect addition to any interior when you’re searching for some shimmer and glow. While grey is usually know to tone down a space and create balance, this rug slightly differs in the way that is brings a silvery brightness to the room.


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