A grey and gold rug is a wonderful investment if you are looking to create a balance of energy within any space, when it comes to the concept of Feng Shui. This is because a grey and gold rug is where a neutral and sophisticated shade meets a lavish and luxury shade. The combination of neutral grey with lavish gold is what creates a balance between colour frequencies that are subtle yet captivating.

When you are looking to create a magical colour scheme in your home without being too over-powering, a grey and gold rug is the way forward. The beauty of grey and gold is that you are able to establish a modern look from the grey, while gold brings some warmth to the space. This combination brings together a touch of autumn and winter – perfect for both seasons.

Velar 81 Shrink Grey and Gold Rug

The Velar 81 is a popular choice for many since it introduces a graceful essence to the home. What many people love most about this rug is that it provides such a soft touch for your feet, brings warmth to the floor as well as generating style to any interior design concept. With grey shades throughout and completed with golden detail, just like the leaves dropping from the trees to transition into a new cycle and season around the time of fall, this is the rug that will truly compliment your autumn home décor. Pair it with other grey and gold home décor to enhance the rich detail throughout and watch your living room or bedroom transform into a magical and mystical space.

Grey and Gold Rug Designs

At The Rugs Outlet, we have a range of styles, material and sizes in these two wonderful colours that work so well together. Here’s a glance at two of our most popular designs that are perfect for creating those cosy moments during those autumn and winter months:

Paris 1994


They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but what about this grey and gold rug crafted with stunning diamond shapes? Surely this has got to be an interior designer’s best friend! Diamonds shapes have a long, rich history when it comes to interior design – the Paris 1994 will certainly bring some character and personality to your home.

Ritz 2394


With a grey base and the finest gold geometric detail, this high-quality rug is the perfect addition to any interior, creating a statement that speaks its very own essence of luxury.

Exploring Grey

In colour psychology, grey represents neutrality and balance, with its colour meaning likely deriving from being the shade between white and black – it’s an easy choice that meets in the middle. Many interior designers opt for grey because of its ability to bring a strong sense of sophistication to any space. When we choose the colour grey, we choose a professional look that’s easy and versatile, pairing well with other colours.

Exploring Gold

Known as a precious colour, gold is associated with wealth and luxury as well as symbolising ideas of love, wisdom and magic. Gold shades bring warmth to any space, as the glisten of its colours allows light to bounce back from one space in the room to the other. While many look at white being the colour that makes a room appear bigger, don’t be deceived by gold as this also has the power to achieve this concept too. Gold is generally used to create warm depth within any interior design concept, complimenting other colours and bringing a luxury element to the home.

The Rugs Outlet

Searching for authentic rugs that are designed by creative artists and offered at competitive prices? We have you covered with a range of designs and sizes, including many grey and gold rug designs.

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