Exploring the Design of a Grey Abstract Rug

A grey abstract rug is certainly a statement piece, whether you add it to your living room or bedroom. The power of the colour grey, combined with abstract art, is what makes a grey abstract rug such a captivating, yet sophisticated piece of textile to introduce to your interior design concept.

At The Rugs Outlet, we have a range of grey abstract rug designs that are perfect for all lifestyles and design concepts. We offer the most artistically crafted rugs at the most competitive prices, to help you to transform the flooring of your home into a beautiful and functional space.

Grey Abstract Rug Symbolism

Grey is a colour that meets in the very middle of black and white. It’s a neutral shade that cannot be found anywhere on the colour wheel. Grey symbolises balance and neutrality, holding a frequency that is versatile, working well with almost any colour scheme. When you choose a grey abstract rug, you are choosing the sophistication and elegance of grey as well as the power and beauty of striking abstract art. Together, this colour, design and style brings a wonderful contemporary feel to the home.

A Minimalist Feel

If you’re looking to create a minimalist feel within your home, there’s no better investment than neutral home décor paired with an abstract grey rug. You can also use wood tones for an earthier concept and introduce green cushions that colour match with green faux flowers to connect your home with the concept of spring.

Love spring home décor for an all-year-round feeling and concept of new beginnings and rebirth? Check out this article featuring the trends for spring home décor in 2022. The spring season that best aligns with the theme of minimalism and simplistic interior design. It’s a look and style that is born from lots of neutral colours and textures that truly create a fresh and inviting feel to the home.

Making a Statement

Your grey abstract rug must – without a doubt – be the statement piece in your living room or bedroom. To keep it as the focal point that captures your attention, be sure to use white or black home décor and let the grey abstract rug design reflect its striking artwork, as well as invite the sense of touch with its wonderful texture.

However, try not to go too overboard with the colour grey. Add in too many elements of grey to your space and you could potentially create too much dull energy in the home. Grey works so well with introducing other pops of colours, as this generates rhythm and flow whilst establishing some contrast. Your grey abstract rug is the piece of home décor that should pull together your entire colour scheme and create a sense of balance. The idea of balance should be implemented in all areas of life, including the design of your home.

Savoy 623 Collection Grey Abstract Rug

This popular grey abstract rug from the Savoy Collection by The Rugs Outlet brings in a touch of blue and cream, whilst various shades of grey dominate the design of the rug. A unique piece of textile, this rug is the perfect addition to the home of a lover of modern art.

With the colours of the rug being on the darker end of the spectrum, you don’t have to worry about heavy foot traffic in your home – this rug is a great investment that will last for years to come. This popular grey abstract rug is also available in the following sizes, making it a perfect choice for any area of the home:

  • 120x180cm Rug
  • 160x230cm Rug
  • 200x290cm Rug
  • 78x250cm Runner

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