Not only does a geometric rug bring a statement to the space that you are creating, it is also a great for generating energy flow between the walls and floor within the room. While geometric patterns are common in home décor such as wall art and furniture, a geometric rug is by far the most popularly used product when it comes to interior design.

History of Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns can be traced back 5000 years to ancient Sumer and this type of design also features heavily in Ancient Egyptian, Ancient Greek and Roman times.

Flat weaving dates all the way back to 2,000 BC in Asia and the Middle East with rugs being commonly owned by the wealthy. There was a surge in popularity in the 1960s for the use of geometric rugs in more casual settings due to their versatility. Geometric rugs have been used for many decades and will probably never go out of fashion, often featuring diamond and hexagon shapes.

A Trendy Solution

Whatever the season, a geometric rug will always be trending. This is because geometric rug patterns and shapes are so versatile that they are able to transform your home into a colourful and unique landscape that is dominated by bold details and charismatic features. A geometric rug is perfect for spring, summer, autumn or winter, enabling you to create a structural, colourful and stylish statement within your home.

5 Tips for Creating Timeless Designs with a Geometric Rug

  1. A geometric rug can be used in any room within your house or in a commercial space, to introduce a statement or focal point. This style of rug works well with both traditional and contemporary home decor and is particularly effective when you combine it with metallic ornaments.
  2. For a more contemporary look, always use highly contrasting colours and large scale patterns. For a subtle atmosphere you can use colours that are closer in value with smaller geometric patterns.
  3. If you are looking for unique designs, colours and textures then always choose a renowned and established rug company such as The Rugs Outlet. Having the rug designed and produced by a creative, experienced and knowledgeable manufacturer means you won’t find a rug like it anywhere else.
  4. When you transform a space with the use of a geometric rug, always avoid over-repeating the pattern design more than a few times. You can introduce some home décor to that matches the theme to compliment the geometric rug, however, don’t go too overboard with this design concept otherwise you will make the room look too busy – too many patterns will create overwhelming energy.
  5. Too much use of geometric patterns presented on your wallpaper, rugs, furniture and cushions can create a distracting moment when entering the room, not knowing where to look. Instead, introduce more subtle themes and colours, particularly on the walls and for the sofa.

Luxi 8445 Beige and Grey Rug


The Luxi 8445 Beige and Grey Rug is the most versatile geometric rug crafted with a pattern that truly draws you to the centre. It’s a popular choice because the neutral colours – beige and grey – merge together so well to establish a modern look without going too overboard with contrasting colours. We paired this beige and grey rug with some luxury home décor that introduces a touch more of geometric patterns to simply compliment, but keeping the other areas of the space simplistic.

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