Exploring Floral Rugs - Traditional vs Modern

There is no doubt that floral rugs are as attractive as they are functional, making them one of the most popular rug designs for both traditional and modern home décor. When we think of rug designs, floral rugs are the most conventional rug types that come to mind- with the popularity of floral motif rugs going back to decades ago.  Floral rugs are very much a vital part of oriental and traditional rugs; they are life-like motifs and can be used as symbolic devices that bring elegance to the rugs they adorn. Spring flowers for example can represent a time for new beginning, rebirth, and fertility. Whichever type of floral design opted for, it is impossible to deny the timeless beauty that the floral rug brings to the home, and it does not come as a surprise that it has remained an enduring and prevalent rug style to opt for.


Traditional Vintage Floral Rugs

These floral rugs tend to have curvilinear rounded designs with central medallions, and very much reflect a connection with nature. Intricately woven with a fine knot count and harmonious colour palette- Persian rugs are perhaps the most well-known rugs to have woven floral motifs, but these striking rugs can also be found in other parts of the world. A beautiful vintage floral rug brings a majestic and regal feel to the home- this is not only because of their beauty but also because of their rich tradition and history, making these rugs a great investment as a classic piece for the home. Floral rugs made of wool in particular increase in value over the years subject to it being preserved well.

Modern Floral Rugs

These floral rugs feature abstract painterly blooms and large lush floral designs in a vast amount of wonderful colours- adding stunning focal points to the home interior.  Enduring, bold and versatile, the floral motifs in these rugs are also universal and individual symbols, but they aren’t just feminine decorations- they can also inspire and dictate where to place neighbouring elements. Although these beautiful rugs can appear intimidating to work with, when balanced correctly with other décor they can help define a room’s décor without overwhelming the environment. These are rugs are an easy way to dramatically change the décor of any room without investing in new furniture, or re arranging décor already in place.


Decorating with Floral Rugs

Not just for the spring months, floral rugs can be incorporated into the home all year around- they are the perfect home accessory to bring a breath of fresh air and update your space. A floral rug can be placed perfectly in the centre of a room as a focal point either surrounded by furniture or on its own space. For a more eclectic home décor pair your bold floral rug with a bright wall as well as lots of other floral ornaments. Or for a more classic and elegant style a floral rug pairs beautiful with white French country décor or neutral home décor, this will also keep the rug as the focal point in the room. Another tip when decorating with floral rugs is to mirror the floral patterns in the rug with another piece of floral home décor to bring the design together, these can be anything from wall art, wallpaper, floral cushions,  a chandelier with a flower design, or even just a simple vase with flowers. For a more retro-modern home décor, a colourful floral rug will harmonise well with bright pieces of furniture such as a blue sofa or green arm chair, with the rest of the décor remaining neutral.

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