3 Reasons Why Colourful Rugs Help You to Feel Great In Your Home

Colourful rugs are a great investment if you are looking to create some up-beat energy in your interior design concept. While neutral home décor concepts can be quite soothing and help you to feel grounded and focused, many opt for a bright colour scheme that includes colourful rugs because these particular energy frequencies help you to feel great in your home.

There is an art in using colour symbolism within interior design – setting an intention about how you would like to feel in your home is where it all begins and then it requires doing some in-depth research into the symbolism that colours are associated with.

Creating a Statement with Colourful Rugs

Colourful rugs work well with neutral furniture as well as darker coloured walls – there is no point adding additional colour if you would like the colourful rugs to be the focus points within spaces. So, to create a statement, choose colourful rugs and be mindful about what you pair them with.

You can create some contrast with the colourful rugs by adding black, grey, white, or cream to the theme. This can really help to enhance the rug designs and bring out the vibrancy of bright and bold colours.

3 Reasons to opt for Colourful Rugs

  1. Colourful rugs elevate spaces with enthusiasm and positivity. Why do you think people get excited when they see a rainbow beaming through the sky? Rainbows symbolise hope in many cultures and indicate that there are better and more beautiful times ahead. As the colours merge together, they perhaps capture our attention through reflecting all sorts of emotional frequencies and thus, help us to connect with something that feels vibrant and special.
  2. Colourful rugs are an instant uplift for our spirit and boost for our mentality with a sense of optimism – far from dull, they offer us the opportunity to tap into our artistic and creative senses, stimulating powerful and inspirational ideas.
  3. Colourful rugs are beyond boring – they help us to create an interior design concept that speaks of character and personality as the unification of colours merge together. Versatile and easy to work with, you can colour match colourful rugs with wall art décor and other textiles such as cushions and throws.


The Colour of Love

Shades of pink are often associated with the aspect of feminine nature, but pink is also deeply connect to love. Having a touch of pink in colourful rugs is certainly a great way to emphasise the connection to unconditional love – whether that’s love between you and your partner, love for life itself or anything that you are passionate about.

The Colour of Life

Red is certainly the colour of life, for it is our blood that flows through our bodies and gives life to us each day. Red is also associated with physical energy, helping us to feel more energized and have zest for life as well as connecting us to being anchored, centred and grounded.

The Colour of Optimism

Orange is the colour of optimism which holds the purpose of connecting us to our creative portal where ideas and inspiration are born. Being a colour that motivates us, orange is a beautiful colour to have in colourful rugs, especially if placing them in your home office where you may spend much of your time working remotely. Ensure that the colour orange is within your favourite colourful rugs if you would like to set the intention of feeling tapped into creative ideas or even create a touch of connection to the autumn season.

The Colour of Nature

While green is a balance between grounding and uplifting, it is deeply associated with nature and the concept of renewal and rebirth. Having green frequencies present in colourful rugs for the living room or bedroom is a beautiful way to compliment indoor plants and flowers and bring out their rich design by nature.

The Colour of Joy

Yellow connects us with joy and empowerment. A colour that deeply symbolises the sun and offers us the possibility to connect with our personal power, yellow is a perfect shade that helps to brighten up any space. To feel a sense of empowerment, make sure yellow shades are present in your chosen colourful rugs.

The Colour of Spirituality

The colour of spirituality is purple and lilac. This is a beautiful shade that you should ensure is within your colourful rugs designs for your interior design concept. These shades are simple, yet help us to connect with a magical and mystical dimension can be introduced to the home.

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