5 Ways to Decorate The Home with a Charcoal Rug

Although charcoal grey may be seen as a ‘safe’ colour choice, a charcoal rug can bring both drama and elegance to any room in the home.  An understated and practical colour, a charcoal rug will subtly create a moody ambience without feeling over the top. Although this colour is often linked with industrial environments, it may come as a surprise that this shade can actually help create a cosy interior environment and according to colour psychologists can have a nesting, cocooning effect when incorporated into home décor. A reserved shade, it can provide stability and reassurance and as a result offering relief from our chaotic world. However when bringing this dark shade to the home it is best to use it in small doses as smaller pops of this intense shade will bring a moody and sophisticated feel that doesn’t feel overwhelming; making a charcoal rug the perfect piece of home décor to bring into the home. In this blog, we’ll take a look at 5 ways to decorate your living room interior with a charcoal rug without making your space feel dark or small.

 1- Bring in Warm Rich Colours To Compliment Your Charcoal Rug

Charcoal grey is the staple colour in mid-century modern interior design, and so for an authentic mid-century feel consider bringing in rich shades of cranberry, pumpkin orange, mustard yellow, navy and olive green, or bring in a light blue or cherry red for a bright pop of colour, this could be through anything such as throws, cushions, arm chairs etc.

2- Bring in Lots of Natural Light and Key Furnishings

If you’re worried that such a dark colour for your rug will make your space feel dark, make sure the space you’re placing it in provides a lot of natural light. In rooms with large windows and plenty of natural lighting a charcoal rug will add depth to the room without making it feel small. Using other key furnishings such as mirrors, large pieces of artwork, and light fixtures will also help open up the space.

3- Balance Your Charcoal Rug with Lighter Colours Around The Home

When thinking about decorating the rest of your home, it is important to think about how to balance the rich intense colour of this rug with the rest of your home decor. For a minimalist look and feel, bring in other furnishings in neutral colours such as light grey, cream and white. A charcoal rug would create a lovely contrast against a white wall in both traditional and modern spaces. It is important to remember that charcoal grey works the best as an accent colour, not as the main colour of the room.

4- Pair Your Charcoal Rug with Greenery

To elevate your space and bring in colour, keep some plants near your charcoal grey rug or throughout the room. The rich colours of both the rug and the plants will play well together, and green hues help ensure the charcoal rug will not feel flat or too dark. Consider a tall indoor tree to complete the look in the home. The varying hues of live plants also conjure a welcoming feeling to the home atmosphere with panache.

 5- Bring In Natural Wood Accents To Your Space

A charcoal rug works wonderful with natural wood accents; playing a key role in stylising the home where this shade exists. This intense shade creates an eye catching contrast to furnishings made of a light wood, whilst the wood itself injects warmth that is difficult to match with other pieces of décor.

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