4 Ideas for Styling a Brown Rug

Small, subtle details can make or break an interior design concept. If you’re going to spend the time and money making sure every detail in your home is perfect, you may as well use it to your advantage. A brown rug isn’t something that jumps out at you, but it can add a lot of style and interest to any room, if placed in the right spot and styled correctly. Here are 4 ways to style a brown rug into your living room or bedroom to take your space from good to great.

1. Go Modern

If you’re looking for ways to make your brown rug stand out and look stylish, it’s best to pair it with neutral home decor. White walls, beige floors and dark wood furniture work especially well. Neutral colours can also help to emphasize any pattern in your brown rug, while still allowing it to really shine. A modern space is all about clean lines, sleek shapes and minimal clutter – so stick with that when styling your brown rug. Introducing homeware accessories is your chance to add pops of colour without disrupting a perfectly polished room design. If you have no idea where to start, just take a browse through the variety of products and collections at Homes Outlet.

2. Create Contrast with Your Brown Rug

Brown rug designs can be striking, but they can also blend into your floor. If you want to make your brown rug pop, it's important to add in pops of colour with complimentary items like cushions and throws. If you have an interest in interior design and you're thinking about creating a look around your brown rug, think through some concepts that complement brown so that they add visual interest and don't detract from it. The same concept applies if you have other bold colours in your room; pair them with complimentary colours for interesting results.

3. Add Pattern

A brown rug is an incredibly rich and earthy colour that makes any room look more luxurious, but it’s also a riskier colour in terms of style. Brown can get dull or boring very quickly if not combined with the right home décor. Add life to your brown rug by choosing elements with complementary colours (like green or blue) and design patterns (like floral or geometric). A bit of contrast and white space also goes a long way; you don’t have to fill every inch of your home with brown. Instead, use it in smaller doses such as colour matching your brown rug with brown cushions to create an earthy interior design concept.

4. Bring In Nature

It’s no secret that bringing in green living elements adds life and energy to your space. Adding an indoor plant, hanging a leafy picture on your wall, or introducing faux flowers can turn any room into an oasis of health and harmony.

You can accessorize your brown rug with other earthy interior design concepts. The perfect way to style a brown rug, is to bring in concept and beauty of nature to your home. Neutral rugs are known for their ability to create warmth and intimacy within your home design, while pulling together all sorts of colours, textures and styles into one cohesive flow of energy.

Earth tones are perfect for adding depth to your room, so don’t be afraid of making a bold choice if it feels right. Be sure not only to choose colours that go well together but also rugs with similar textures so they flow seamlessly from one piece to another. The trick is mixing contrasting patterns—which we know may seem like quite a challenge—but trust us when we say it’s worth it: doing so helps create visual interest in spaces, where more serious colours could otherwise make things feel too heavy or too dark.

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