How to Style a Blue Rug with Your Home Décor

Styling a blue rug with your home décor all depends on which shade of blue you have chosen. A baby blue rug often works much better with darker walls and furniture, as well as ocean blue. If you opt for a deeper and darker blue rug, then it’s best to keep your theme within your interior design more neutral.

That being said, the beauty of blue is that you can work it with many other colours on the colour wheel. It’s a versatile choice and if you choose a blue rug that also comes with a design that includes other colours – such as cream – then you can really power up your interiors style with a modern and sophisticated theme.

One beautiful and artistically crafted rug that you could choose is the Amsterdam 170 Blue Rug design, which features plenty of light blue detail and a neutral cream base. Watch the video below to see how we paired this rug with some modern grey armchairs, navy cushions powered by dazzling diamantes, a metallic silver coffee table and wall art décor which can be purchased from Homes Outlet.

At The Rugs Outlet, we also offer a range of other textiles for the home. This includes cushions and throws, which means you can colour match your rug to create the perfect look.

Be Bold with Your Blue Rug

A blue rug is very easy to work with, pairing well with many other colour schemes and the best part is that you can introduce bright and bold pieces of home décor. Whether you opt for bright and bold or want to keep a more simplistic and neutral theme, your blue rug will always promise a beautiful finish that is pulled together well with other home décor colours and styles.

Create a Statement with Your Blue Rug

Want to create a statement or focal point with your blue rug? You certainly can! To keep your blue rug the centre of attention, simply introduce simplistic elements to the space so that your rug stands out and creates a touch of contrast. Avoid adding pieces of home décor that feature bold colours and big patterns – let your blue rug be the piece that draws your eyes to the floor.

Stay Sophisticated with Your Blue Rug

Blue comes in many different shades, from baby blue and ocean blue, to electric blue and navy blue. Whatever shade you opt for within your rug, be sure to introduce other shades of blue to create some sophisticated character and personality. A soft and lighter shade of blue that is present within the rug and placed on the floor works well with a deeper and darker blue such as navy on the walls.

Blue Colour Psychology

In colour psychology, blue is a colour that connects us with the sky and creates feelings of both calmness and awe. With the sky being a huge part of the earth we can also feel a sense of freshness, new beginnings as well as feeling grounded and soothed by colour blue. Also, this colour deeply connects us to the vastness and beauty of the ocean. This can often be seen as a place of serenity but also mystery, since the ocean is filled with the magic and wonder of life under water. When you want to create a sense of sophistication that also contributes to creating positive feelings and a truly beautiful statement, a blue rug can promise you these exact results.

The Rugs Outlet

Searching for blue rug designs to complete your interior design concept? At The Rugs Outlet, we have a range of styles that are powered by the beauty of blue to help you transform your home and create the perfect finishing touch. From modern to traditional, our blue rug designs offer both comfort and style for your home.

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