The colours of a blue and cream rug can be enhanced when combining it with a number of different styles of home décor and placed in the right lighting to reflect its beautiful essence and detail. However, the best way to truly compliment a blue and cream rug is by matching with neutral colours and materials.

To complete the look of your living room’s interior design concept, you can use pine wood textures, metallic silver accents and even introduce statement pieces such as a black velvet chair, as well as colour matching with cushions.

In this post, we will take you on a journey through the many ways to style cream themes in your home, powered by the artistic touch of rugs such as the Elexus Ruby 03059. This rug is crafted with beautiful bamboo silk and viscose – a stunning cream base which emits a silvery shine throughout and a subtle union of black and blue detail in the centre.

Colour Match: Where Neutrals Tones Meet A Blue and Cream Rug

A blue and cream rug goes well with many different colours in the spectrum, but the best colours are neutral colours. This is due to cream being part of the neutral tone colour family. The three most common neutral colours are white, brown and grey. A neutral colour scheme means that you won’t clash with the colours in the rug and you won’t be distracted by other colour schemes in the space – the rug's colours and design will be able to reflect all of its beauty.

By using neutral colours, you can bring out the detailed design of the blue and cream rug. We suggest playing around with a neutral-toned cushions to colour match with your rug.

Contrast: Where Metallic Accents Meet A Blue and Cream Rug

Using pieces with metallic accent such as silver can be great transitional pieces to complement the shades that are reflected from your rug. Silver in particular can be a great choice to compliment the deeper shades such as the darker coloured detail within the rug and create a touch of contrast without going too overboard.

Compliment: Where Pine Wood Meets A Blue and Cream Rug

Pine wood home décor is always a stylish choice for complimenting a blue and cream rug. The beauty of pine wood material helps you to bring a touch of Mother Nature into your home. Introducing this type of texture to a space creates a smooth look and finish whilst capturing the colours of the rug to create some unified energy between the two.

Simplicity: Where Minimalist Meets A Blue and Cream Rug

Sometimes going back to basics can be the best way to approach décor in your home. Minimalism is the style that can suit any space, however big or small. This style involves using bare and plain pieces to create a simple and uncluttered space. Pieces with clean lines and a monochromatic palette are essential to pulling off minimalist aesthetics. For a blue and cream rug, the best way to implement minimalist aesthetics is to play into the colours of the rug and only pair pieces in the same colour.

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