4 Reasons to Opt For a Black and Silver Rug

A black and silver rug is perhaps not the first obvious colour that comes to mind when thinking of what colour to opt for in a rug; however there is much to be said about this striking colour combination when introducing it into your home decor. Opting for a plain black rug will always remain a daring choice but introducing some shine by opting for a black and silver rug is an undeniably unique way of achieving a glossy and glamorous feel to the home, with even just a slight hint of silver having the ability to transform a room.

A Black and Silver Rug Creates Contrast

If contrast in the home is what you are after, there is no better choice than choosing a black and silver rug. Nothing says ‘bold’ more than the stark contrast between black and silver and a neutral palette of white, cream, grey, etc.

Place this rug next to pieces of white furniture such as a sofa or accent chair or bring in other pieces such as a white or grey media stand, or cabinet. A black and silver rug will always make light colours stand out producing a contrast that evokes a sense of exclusivity and chicness to your interior. A black and silver rug will also work best with a neutral coloured flooring for the most impact. Being an already detailed and dramatic rug, neutral colours will also allow the eye a place to rest.

It Also Creates a Focal Point in the Room

Being such a striking and bold colour combination, without a doubt, a black and silver rug will create a focal point in your living room space. Opt for an abstract design or a beautiful black and silver marble design rug if you’re after something that will truly ensure to be the first thing your guests’ eyes land on as they enter your living room space. Or go for a geometric style black and silver rug to achieve the same affect and create a real statement in the home.

It’s a Perfect Choice for Silver Home Décor

This colour combination creates the perfect rug if you need an excuse to bring in silver home décor or ornaments into your home. Placing silver ornaments around your living room is a great way to match the silver hues of your black and silver rug, as well reflect light in the room. Bringing in a piece of mirrored glass furniture or a glamourous wall mirror will also compliment the silver in the rug, as well as to help catch the light and make the space appear bigger, and thus providing a sense of glamour.

A Black and Silver Rug Offers Flexibility

If you are after a darker rug but do not want to commit to a full on solid black rug, a black and silver rug will give you a lighter version of a dark rug. Opt for a shaggy rug, for example, that mixes blacks and silvers/greys if you are after the look of a black rug that doesn’t hold such an intense colour frequency. The black within a black and silver rug is enough to ground the space, whilst the silver helps take a bit of the edge off it. This investment is also perfect for homes with high foot traffic, with kids or pets, where rugs have a higher chance of getting stained.

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