This November, we teamed up with AQ/AQ – a female founded London fashion label – where bold colour and beautiful aesthetics are at the heart of what they do. Capturing one of our most popular beige rugs from the Luxi collection, the collaboration for the upcoming festive season unfolded, seizing some stunning moments where fashion meets interior design. If you love forward thinking clothing design and artistically crafted beige rugs, then this is the article for you.


Curating and creating collections that bring luxury silhouettes and conscious designs to women, AQ/AQ is all about the expression of femininity and innovation that derive from sustainable ways. Renowned for their modern architectural outlook with a minimalistic and playful twist to every design, AQ/AQ boldly embraces the relationship between sexy and cool. They are committed to producing aspirational pieces without compromising any ethics. This is a conscious decision that allows themselves and their customers to say no to excess.

AQ/AQ visualises a world where clothes are bought to last. They see a fashion revolution where fast fashion is no longer a major polluting industry and people can invest in their favourite styles guilt-free. AQ/AQ holds the mission to be a clothing label that offers pieces for life – not just for a season.

The Rugs Outlet

At The Rugs Outlet, it is our mission to offer the most artistically crafted rugs to all walks of life that bring both authenticity and functionality to interior and exterior design concepts.

We visualise a colourful, artistic and creative future where people have transformed their homes into the place they loved most, thanks to unique rug designs that you cannot find anywhere else.

We value maintaining a high standard of corporate responsibility by proactively addressing environmental, social and governance issues. We are proud to say that our reputation has grown over the years and that through our internalized policies for designing and manufacturing, we always manage to offer the best quality products at a competitive price.

We also value our diverse and talented workforce who believe in the power of collaboration, always supporting them with ways to improve and enhance their careers, so that they can fully contribute to the growth of The Rugs Outlet.

Beige Colour Symbolism

Beige is a versatile colour that many interior designers opt for because it is dependable, conservative, and flexible. The colour beige symbolises neutrality, calmness, and relaxation. It is a neutral shade that promises to work well with many other shades, but creates the most striking essence when partnered with black and white – the colours captured in the new AQ/AQ collection.

Beige Rugs For Living Room

While the Luxi 8428 Beige Rug is certainly a favourite for sprucing up the design concept of a living room, AQ/AQ chose this particular rug because of the way the material reflects a stunning shimmer in the light, complimenting the clothing range that the model was photographed in. The beige and cream shades merge together to create a glowing – silvery effect and this is what makes it a favourite for the living room. Not only does it hold the power to brighten up any space, but it also reflects lighting, which is what enables the floor space to appear bigger.

Beige Rugs Bring Some Glow To Your Home

When you’re searching for beige rugs for your living room or bedroom, look no further than The Rugs Outlet, offering quality designed rugs, crafted with luxury material, available at affordable prices. Beige rugs are perfect for bringing some glow to your interior design concepts, particularly in the winter months when the weather is not so uplifting. Here’s a glance at some other popular beige rugs created by in-house designers at The Rugs Outlet:

The Olimpos 01932 is a popular choice when it comes to choosing beige rugs – it creates a subtle yet beautiful statement, completed with beautiful neutral detail.


The Luxi 8443 expresses a powerfully traditional blue and beige design throughout with a striking centre that captures your attention, creating its very own character and personality.


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