Ways To Style Your Abstract Rug

You might love your new abstract rug, but you’re less sure about how to style it in your home. Luckily, abstract rug designs look good with nearly any colour palette, so finding the right combination isn’t difficult once you understand the best ways to use these beautiful pieces of art to add interest and character to your room.

Add Warmth

An abstract rug can make a bold statement in your home, and can easily liven up a room if you’re looking for ways to upgrade your decor. However, it’s not as simple as just purchasing one and laying it down in front of your couch. Take time to really analyse how you want to display your unique abstract rug. If you have a good idea of what colours, textures, shapes and sizes will complement each other, then all that's left is finding them, then style with care. You don't want too much going on at once; things should be balanced and complement each other.

Use Abstract Accents

Instead of letting your abstract rug blend into your room's background, feature it. Look for ways to incorporate it into your home decor by showing off its shape and design. You could purchase abstract cushion designs from Homes Outlet, or even some abstract wall art to compliment your new abstract rug and create a flow of rhythm and energy.

Choose Furniture Wisely

One of the best things about rugs is that they can be as creative and abstract as you want. But there are also a few design rules you should follow when placing your rug. First, choose furniture wisely; placing too big or clunky a piece next to your rug could make it appear flat and washed out. When in doubt, place something in front of your rug that breaks up its large shape and helps tie it into the room's design theme.

If you're afraid of committing (to either furniture or colour), opt for neutral pieces that work with most styles and don't date easily. Even though many people love colour in interior design, using just one strong colour on some chairs for example, with art on another wall, would help bring attention to your striking abstract rug.

Play with Scale

One of the best ways to style abstract rug designs is by playing with scale. An oversized table or console paired with a diminutive rug can be a beautiful juxtaposition in any home. We recommend choosing two—or three—different sized pieces of furniture and rugs, then arranging them so they’re arranged side-by-side, rather than one big piece taking up an entire wall.

The difference between these two setups can be subtle, but when it comes down to it: smaller items set against larger ones will make your space feel more relaxed, while bigger pieces will bring drama and movement into your decor. This works especially well in living rooms or family rooms where furniture placement isn’t as permanent as it is in other areas of your home.

Vary Textures

The abstract nature of a rug's design can be a natural complement to more defined features in your space. Pairing your abstract rug with a similarly themed couch or shelving unit will create visual balance, while introducing differing textures and patterns into one corner of your room can introduce visual interest and depth. While rugs are typically accent pieces in an interior design scheme, abstract rug designs can tie together multiple spaces—and different rooms in a single space—in one cohesive theme. Experiment by contrasting texture and design with complementary colours for best results.

The Rugs Outlet

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